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Comfortable and efficient homes

To make your home a more comfortable, friendly and efficient, it is essential to proper thermal and acoustic insulation.

In Alumálaga we have a wide range of possibilities to solve each of these needs. New materials allow for more insulation and better quality of life.

Windows with good insulation keep the heat even after hours of heating or cooling off, good windows can contribute not only to the welfare of our home, but feel a savings each month to reducing our electricity bill.

It also reduces the input of pollutants in the home, such as pollen and dust mites, contributing to improved family health especially in people with an allergy.

The sealing of the windows is a key measure to control external temperatures and help regulate the interior temperature at a constant rate, crystals or glasses are essential in achieving an optimum temperature of the house. For this we use RPT or PVC windows with double glazed low-e.


Lighting is essential in the construction and renovation of our house to give a pleasant atmosphere in our home as well as to take full advantage of our decor.

The ideal is to use sunlight as it is healthy, ecological, and economic, for it is important that the windows have good insulation value, to keep open the drapes or curtains and enough light to enter, without the housing cool, also in summer, sun protection glass insulator such as low emission and allow light to enter, protect against radiation and favor the pleasant sensation which transmits natural light.


Enjoy a healthy environment at home also depends on the insulation of our relaxation area.

Noise pollution is a growing problem as more and more people in the city centers and suburbs close to highways, airports, industries, recreation areas, etc.. Noise pollution is a type of "invisible", which also affects the environment, but especially to people.

For most people, the noise tends to be regarded as an environmental factor certainly great, because it is something that impacts significantly on quality of life, is the cause of many sleep disorders, stress factor , anxiety, and depression. In children, can have effects on attention, concentration, memory and drifting heavily on the ability to study.

We must not forget that the report of the World Health Organization has estimated an upper limit desirable, in the 50 decibels.

To combat and reduce noise there is a double glazing Climalit called Silence.


Incorporates in its composition a laminated safety glazing Stadip Silence, with exceptional acoustic insulation performance, consisting of two glass assembled by a plastic film (film PVD). This film has been developed specifically to enhance the sound insulating laminated glazing, when a Stadip Silence is part of a double glazing, while providing a level of basic security.

The Climalit Silence can be combined with a low emissive glass Planitherms or Planistar One, so we get a thermal and acoustic insulation in the same glazing.

These glasses Climalit Silence reduce noise both natural phenomena: air, rain, hail, and urban noise: traffic, trains, airports, bars etc, provided you have installed aluminum siding RPT or PVC.



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