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Energy saving at home

The doors and windows that do not work properly are responsible for 40% of the energy loss. This is inefficient use their economic and environmental consequences.

Spain has taken steps to save energy, and since the installation of windows and walls is a cost to the citizen, in some communities can ask for help for that purpose. The Renewal Plan called windows in homes, initially approved in the regions of Madrid and the Basque Country, has spread to other regions, including Andalusia.

According to a recent study in an average household of about 100 m2, with windows of 1.20 m x 1.20 m, which were renewed by other simple glazing with thermally efficient glazing, after a year generated savings of 30% in the bill, which would amount to savings of about € 100 annually for an average bill about what leads to the conclusion that the grant is an important aid, although the installation of insulated windows, and is, in itself, a how to save energy and money, as well as providing comfort, is an investment, which over the years, a saving of money.


"Changing 4 windows inefficient medium heat your home can reduce air conditioning energy consumption by 30%.

Get a cost savings of approximately 100 euros per year."

Windows Renewal Plan Andalusia.

In the environmental component is improved substantially reducing pollutants and CO2 emissions, besides being the glass and 100% recyclable aluminum.

In ALUMÁLAGA we have a wide range of possibilities to solve each of these needs.

» Windows Web Renewal Plan in Andalusia (actually this Plan has been cancelled)


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