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Handrail system

Handrail system that allows us to envision any kind of solution with an extensive range of accessories that complement each other.

Ability to anchor forged or cast singing.


  • Glass handrail
  • Glass handrail free upper edge
  • Bar handrail
  • Bar handrail with free upper edge


  • Square - 60 mm. wide
  • Circular - 66 mm. diameter
  • Elliptical - 80 mm. outer perimeter


  • Lacquer colors (RAL, speckled and rough)
  • Lacquered wood imitation
  • lacquered antibacterial
  • anodized


Tests according to UNE 85.237-1991, 85.238-1991 UNE and UNE 85.240-1990 and CTE requirements (DB SU-1 and SE-AE DB)

1-Test outward horizontal static 2-static test horizontally inwards 3-Vertical static test 4 - Dynamic test with soft body 5-through test with hard body 6-Checking section 3.2 of SE-AE DB CTE Test for safety 7-

(UNE-EN 85.240:1990): Class A-Excellent

Reference test glass balustrade with the entire height of 1,100 mm. (H) x 2450 mm. (L) and 3 pillars.

Reference test bar handrail with free upper edge of 1,100 mm. (H) x 2,000 mm. (z) and 3 pillars.


Maximum dimension between pillars 1,000 mm.

minimum height 900 mm.

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ALUMÁLAGA, in its commitment to high quality, used for its walls CORTIZO systems.

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