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More and more problems between neighbors over aesthetic impacts experienced by some buildings to install different enclosures each neighbor.

Thanks to the glass curtain wall systems, this problem disappears, since it is the perfect enclosure to please the owner you want to close your terrace or balcony without causing harm to other residents.

The glass curtain gets a fully glazed enclosure without vertical sections with the possibility to enjoy your terrace or balcony all year round, without causing any aesthetic impact to the community.

With our secluded terrace get to keep their wind, dirt and deterioration of their belongings, such as outdoor furniture or the very front of your balcony, you get up to 30% isolate outside noise and save on your cold climate bill / heat, and contribute to the environment, since they create a substantial chamber between the glass shade and its own enclosure housing.


The glass shade has become an aesthetic and functional solution for the hospitality industry, offering the chance to enjoy the terrace with a temperature difference of up to 30% and not worrying about the weather or the season for your enjoyment.

Many entrepreneurs who have decided for our system to offer their customers more welcoming spaces without compromising aesthetics and design.

The glass curtain system offers endless configurations sections and glass finishes adaptable to any need, thus fit into any room or need for your business.


It is the ideal enclosure for bars and terraces, getting those meters take advantage of local exploit that could previously only a few months a year, and gives your customers the convenience to enjoy the terrace of your business at any time without relying on weather.

Moreover, all the leaves to open plegándolas to the side and pressing on the floor to the lower guide rail, brings perfect conditions for use in separations smoking area, room dividers and lounges, without giving up space and breadth a material such as glass provides you can always reuse all open spaces and making the fully open approximately 95% acristaló hole. Also, with the option of recessed lower section system, faithfully respects the current accessibility standards.


The glass curtain wall systems allow you to add square footage to homes, getting advantage of these rooms which by their location and status are not typically used.

When glazed with glass curtain convert this space into a pleasant living room for the entire year or in a convenient place for children, a study room or the terrace just always clean.

In addition to the folding system, you will get clean all the windows easily from inside your home and prevent nuisances such as wind, noise and dirt usually accumulates in these spaces.


Is ALUMALAGA systems installer glass curtains ACRISTALIA ®, a leading national brand in the sector, with the highest awards for quality, innovation and safety.

The curtain system ACRISTALIA ® glass has been developed and manufactured 100% in Spain, and possibly the best quality / price.

It has CE certification in their manufacturing process, also have done all types of testing and laboratory testing to ensure the wind resistance and maneuver forces to standards:

  • UNE-EN 13527:2000
  • UNE-EN 1932:2001 resist wind loads from more than 180 km / h, reaching the Class V rating, the highest rating in the EU.


The glasses supplied with the glass curtain ACRISTALIA ® are top quality glass, the most widely used is tempered glass or soda lime silicate glass Tempered safety.

This glass meets the European standard UNE-EN 12150-2:2005, plus have the CE mark.

ACRISTALIA ® offers the availability to make your shade at any type of glass, for example, laminated safety glass, solar control, sound reducing glass, etc., Provided that it exists in the thick to make: 6, 8 and 10 mm.


The grid system is unique ACRISTALIA ® brand has been subjected to numerous quality control, complying with European standard UNE 28-066-089 = ISO6362 / 4.

Is highly resistant to corrosion, presenting a high mechanical strength and thus perfectly accepting superficiel anodizing treatment such as coating.

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