Factory closures, aluminum, plastic and glassware

Shipping and returns

All products included in the transportation price on the peninsula.

For shipments outside the peninsula have the following charges:

Balearic Islands: 28€ VAT included
Canary Islands: 135€ VAT included
Ceuta and Melilla: 48€ VAT included

The delivery

In the peninsula, is 15 days, approximate, from receipt of payment of the goods will be delivered via the forwarder SEUR or by our own means of transport, delivery times are approximate, if that there is any breakage, or missing some material ALUMÁLAGA would contact the customer to give the new deadline, if we could not deliver that particular product, it could cancel that order, in any case, the delay in delivery Order, shall not entitle the customer to claim compensation.

The reception of the material is made at the customer's address, the client should be prepared so that when the carrier be able to handle the material.

ALUMÁLAGA can install their fences in the autonomous community of Andalusia, consult installation prices

Return Policy

Do not return any custom-made enclosure, as this involves a manufactured exclusively for that client, therefore, applies to contracts governed in Article 102.b of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007

For returns of standard enclosures made, the customer will have 48 hours to any claims after this time may not exercise any right and after this period, freight paid by the client, in any event before any return the client will need to contact our sales department, either through e-mail info@alumalaga.es or our telephone number: 952 35 96 20, where we will tell you as a refund, no refund will not admit that has been previously communicated to admit it must come packed in perfect condition, retaining all accessories and documentation.

ALUMÁLAGA not refund or reship a new enclosure until we have received and put into verifying the status of the product and accessories.

Receipt of material

The customer has to check that the packaging is in perfect condition and any abnormalities detected must record it in the carrier's delivery note, or if the merchandise is damaged or broken must explicitly specify the carrier and not accept it when ALUMÁLAGA you receive defective merchandise resend the new, with the same features and article references on request at the time, paying only the first shipment. Taking Charge of such refund and the new size ALUMÁLAGA.

If after two delivery attempts on the part of the freight, delivery is not possible and this is returned to origin, or if the customer refuses the receipt of it and returned, without any apparent reason, will not resend ALUMÁLAGA order until the customer pays the postage both the back and the new shipment.

If in case of error, either by mistake of reference, as well as the type of item supplied ALUMÁLAGA, will take over the collection and redelivery to your home, not giving in any case, entitle the customer to claim compensation some, podidos possible harm caused.


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